ZK community aligned with the core Web3 mission: ZkDay Istanbul roundup

As zero-knowledge (ZK) technology marches its way toward solving mainstream use cases, the community backing the disruptive tech continues to grow stronger. Over 1,200 ZK developers, community members and enthusiasts, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, attended the latest zkDay Istanbul event. 

ZK meetups attract 1,500 to 4,000 attendees, and zkDay Istanbul — as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration — witnessed a significant increase in enthusiasm as well. The event was built on top of the success of zkDay Paris, which attracted early-stage ZK startups and market leaders.

ZK-focused projects from various stages came together to build connections and interact with top members of zkDay sponsor projects — Manta Network, co-hosted by Polyhedra Network and =nil; Foundation.

Additionally, zkDay Istanbul ran alongside Devconnect 2023, an event dedicated to Ethereum community, builders, and researchers.

Manta Network co-founder Kenny Li (left) and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin (right) at zkDay Istanbul 2023. Source: Cointelegraph

The zkDay Pitch competition saw participation from numerous high-quality projects, many of which have previously topped competitive events such as ETH Global. Li anticipates future collaborations with zkDay Pitch sponsor ETH Global to provide greater exposure to promising upcoming projects.

Abner Jia, the CEO of Polyhedra Network, echoed Li’s optimism about the ZK community’s growth. Highlighting the surge in the interest in zero-knowledge technology, Jia stated:

Improving user experience remains a common goal across the ZK community as projects strive to onboard users into the next-generation consumer products. Li added:

Attendees of the zkDay Istanbul highlighted the ZK community’s strong convergence to the core mission of developers, users and community in Web3 in general. Despite the surface-level differences in focus areas and priorities, such as privacy, scalability, and real-world applications, the fundamental ethos of decentralization and innovation remains consistent between the two communities.

The year-over-year growth in the ZK dev community suggests that the future of ZK technology holds incredible promise. Jia believes that collaboration remains key for the ZK ecosystem to thrive. “We are all striving for a fair, decentralized future. Leveraging zk is just another step to get there!,” added Li. 

Speaking about the future of ZK, Jia also revealed Polyhedra’s newly deployed distributed proof system on zkBridge, named deVirgo. “We are open for collaborations. Entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in this space should closely watch our progress and implementations. It’s essential to keep up with the latest developments in zk technology, as it’s a rapidly evolving field,” he concluded.

The budding ZK community currently explores use cases that can be directly applied to drive next-generation consumer products using intuitive EVM-compatible decentralized applications.