Drofa Comms: DeFi projects expect an increase in the number of hacker attacks

Drofa Comms analysts presented the results of the An Overview of DeFi Security In 2022 survey, which included the opinion of the management of HashEx, Beosin and Apostro on the market. Market participants polled by analysts agree that hackers have become much more sophisticated and active, so 2023 will not be an easier year for DeFi projects. “Interest in the cryptocurrency industry continues and the number of hackers will not decrease,” said Tommy Deng, Managing Director of Beosin. Dan says DeFi protocols continue to improve their security code, but “there will never be absolute security”. And new projects are often too rushed to enter the market and do not conduct a full-fledged security check of smart contracts. “Hackers have become smarter, more experienced and have learned to look for errors and vulnerabilities. The cryptocurrency industry is still new, everyone is learning together, so it’s hard to get around hackers and other criminals,” says Dmitry Mishunin, founder and CEO of HashEx. Mishunin warned that some DeFi projects hold a very significant amount of funds, which means they are extremely attractive to hackers.. Therefore, the number of attacks and hacks “will only grow”. The founder of HashEx also expects hackers to attack companies that offer “more secure solutions for storing digital assets.” Interestingly, both Dan and Mishunin are in solidarity that not so many developers read hack reports, and it would be most useful for them: “Usually, such reports are read by cryptocurrency investors who are afraid for their money. Real developers are too busy coding, they just don't have time to study such documents.” Earlier, CertiK analysts warned that in 2023, we can expect an increase in the number of cryptocurrency hacks and fraud cases.