Aptos and Jambo start selling budget crypto smartphones

The Aptos Foundation, a team comprised of former developers from the Meta platform, has partnered with the Hong Kong company Jambo to introduce an innovative budget crypto phone.

Designed with the needs of consumers in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia in mind, the JamboPhone project offers a mobile device that comes preloaded with the Petra Wallet mobile crypto wallet and the JamboApp, granting direct access to the Aptos ecosystem.

According to the official announcement, the JamboPhone will serve as a more affordable alternative to Solana Saga smartphones. By breaking down barriers to digital participation, it aims to foster a future where people from all geographical and economic backgrounds can access and benefit from the advancements of Web3.

Priced at no more than $99, the budget JamboPhone cryptophone is a mere quarter of the original cost of the SolanaSaga Chapter 2 smartphone. It will be available for purchase in over 40 countries.

In a recent statement, the Solana Mobile team revealed that they had already received over 30,000 pre-order applications for the second-generation SolanaSaga smartphones within just one day of their announcement.