Polygon officially launched the second testnet with zkEVM support

The developers of the Polygon second-level solution announced the launch of the second test network with support for zkEVM technology. The next step should be to launch the main network of the project with zkEVM support. The zkEVM technology is designed to allow a significant increase in the throughput of Ethereum and, according to the developers, thanks to the Recursion update, the scaling “will be exponential”. The technology is based on zero-knowledge proofs and has become one of the main trends in the development of network scaling solutions for the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization. zkEVM, in addition to increasing throughput, should allow you to reduce fees and improve the privacy of transactions. The developers claim that the technology will become the basis for “next-generation applications”, will erase the line between off-chain data and assets from the real world on the blockchain. It is not yet known how long the developers plan to test the solution and when they are going to deploy the Polygon main network with zkEVM support. Earlier, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic said that the full launch of zkEVM technology could take several more years.. Therefore, developers are in a hurry to release and test their project.