The authorities of Seoul presented a virtual copy of the city in the metaverse

The Seoul government has published a presentation on the first phase of the development of a virtual version of the city in the metaverse

The capital of South Korea received a virtual copy in the metaverse, where users can remotely use administrative services. The presentation of the novelty is published on the official website of the government of Seoul. The presented model of a virtual city is only the first stage in the development of the so-called Metaverse Seoul.


In the implemented product, users can virtually visit local attractions in Seoul, interact with virtual objects, attend conferences, and receive tax advice or file a complaint, Mayor Oh Se Hoon said.. According to media reports, the authorities spent about $1.6 million on the implementation of the first stage.

At the same time, virtual avatars will not receive support for animations for interacting with each other. According to the authorities, such a decision was made to combat harassment in virtual reality.. At the same time, the chat in Metaverse Seoul contains filtering by slang expressions. The application is already available for users of Android and iOS mobile devices.

Waiting for the Metamiracle

Earlier, the Ministry of Science of South Korea reported that the authorities allocated almost $187 million for the development of the national metaverse.. Regulators plan to use the metaverse as a platform to expand the virtual industrial growth of cities, as well as improve education and improve the quality of the media. As part of the project, representatives of the initiative, among other things, plan to train personnel for work in the metaverse.

While the metaverse hype has so far been viewed with skepticism among tech giants, analysts predict a bright future for the industry.. Market capitalization of the metaverses could grow to $74.7 billion by 2026, according to forecasts by analytics firm IDC.. At the same time, the Korean giant LG Electronics remains the main leader in the number of patent applications since 2016. Samsung Electronics was in second place, and the top three companies were closed by the American company Meta* (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned in the country). The Chinese company Huawei is located on the fourth line of the ranking, and on the fifth – the American giant Microsoft.


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