BBC Applies for Doctor Who Trademark for NFTs and Metaverse

The British Broadcasting Corporation has applied for trademark registration for the NFT and meta universe based on the acclaimed television series.

The BBC has applied to register a trademark in the form of the logo of the Doctor Who TV series for use with non-substitutable tokens (NFTs) and in meta universes.

Licensed trademark attorney Mike Condudis tweeted about it.

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Which specific projects the BBC wants to use NFT on the subject of “Doctor Who” is unclear.

In addition to digital tokens, the British Broadcasting Corporation also wants to use the trademark in video games and virtual reality, according to the application.

At the time of writing, the BBC had no comment on the trademark registration for NFT.

It should be noted that the BBC’s interest in the digitalization of the TV series can be traced back to 2020.

Back then, the editorial board wrote about the corporation’s plans to release a video game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart with NFT support based on Ethereum blockchain.

In December 2021, the game was released in early access, but for a limited number of users. Since then, the project has not attracted much furor, as the collapse of quotes in 2022 also hit the NFT market.

The editorial board previously wrote that only six NFT collections of the top 20 market capitalization closed on the upside in April.

Earlier, the editorial board wrote that only six NFT-collections from the top 20 by market capitalization closed April in the black.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection from Yuga Labs was the biggest plus. Its trading volume rose 22.5% over the past month to ~59,000 ether (ETH).

“Doctor Who” is a British sci-fi television series that has been loved by viewers since the 1960s.

It tells the story of an alien traveler named the Doctor, who, along with his companions, travels through time and space, saving entire civilizations or individuals.