California authorities are going to monitor transport using the Tezos blockchain

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) intends to change the current vehicle registration system.

Agency spokesman Ajay Gupta said the DMV is already testing vehicle digitization on the Tezos blockchain. In addition to the regulator and Tezos, the project also involves software developer Oxhead Alpha.

DMV approached Oxhead Alpha to create a “shadow ledger” based on the Tezos network, with the intention of making the project something like a blockchain-based copy of an existing database.. The launch of the new system should take place in the coming months.

The department has plans to release applications like digital wallets designed to store and exchange NFT tokens on machines.. DMV will be in the role of a kind of intermediary who will monitor the operations.

Recall that recently the US authorities presented a roadmap for the regulation of cryptocurrencies.