Circle and gaming giant Overdare will create a Roblox-style metaverse

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle has announced a partnership with gaming platform Overdare, which will use Circle's programmable wallets to improve the user experience.

The Overdare platform was created by the largest South Korean companies Krafton and Naver Z Corporation, working in the field of games and metaverses. Its strategic alliance with Circle is expected to empower game content creators by allowing them to create secure in-game Circle wallets and receive payouts in US dollar-backed USDC stablecoins directly on the platform.

To improve the gaming ecosystem, Overdare will integrate the Settlus network for interactive content licensing. Settlus is a layer 1 blockchain network in the Cosmos ecosystem, designed to simplify interactions between different blockchains and maintain records of digital asset transactions.. Thus, game content creators will be able to confirm ownership of their assets and obtain licenses via the blockchain. Such a system should ensure transparent distribution of income between content creators across different platforms, the developers assure.

“We are launching a large-scale creation of a Roblox-style metaverse, which will use the Circle wallet infrastructure and USDC stablecoins. This will be a good experience in the digital entertainment sector and Web3. Our partnership with Overdare will not only enhance the gameplay experience, but also lay the foundation for future mobile game developments,” wrote Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire.

Let us recall that at the end of last year Circle patented the technology for parallel processing of blocks in blockchains, and recently the company stopped supporting USDC based on the Tron blockchain.