What the coming year has in store for us: crypto market trends in 2023

For the crypto market, 2022 has been filled with turmoil and turmoil. What events have influenced the industry and what trends will be trending next year?

According to analysts at the International Monetary Fund, the global economy expects a large-scale slowdown in 2023. Rising inflation, mass layoffs, the energy crisis and political instability will continue to exacerbate the state of the global economy.

Today, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $838 billion, while in April last year this figure reached $2 trillion for the first time.. This year, another “crypto winter” has begun, the end of which is not expected in the near future.. Traditionally, during the crypto winter, the market recovers – projects without potential disappear and only those who create real value will survive the crypto winter.

Main events of 2022

A series of crashes of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, as well as serious changes in the operation of the largest cryptocurrencies, forced investors to rethink a lot and think about how and where to store their money.. Let's take a look at the key events of 2022.

The collapse of Terra

In 2018, Do Kwon founded Terraform Labs, which became the issuer of TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin and Luna cryptocurrency.. In May of this year, the third largest stablecoin by capitalization, UST, lost its peg to the US dollar – at the moment, the UST rate fell to $0.61, and then fell to $0.34. At the same time, the rate of the LUNA coin, which acted as collateral for UST, collapsed from $115 to $5.. By the end of May, the stablecoin UST was $0.09089 and LUNA was $0.0001481.

According to experts, investors lost more than $60 billion. The effect of the collapse of the Terraform Labs project led to a massive investor panic and a fall in the cryptocurrency market, which is comparable to the consequences of the bankruptcy of the financial corporation Lehman Brothers in the banking sector.

Ethereum Merger

The developers of Ethereum, the second largest blockchain by capitalization, completed the long-awaited process of merging the two versions of the network on September 15, which marked the transition to the PoS algorithm and the elimination of mining in the network. After the merger, Ethereum’s power consumption dropped by 99.95%, opening up opportunities for blockchain scaling, future transaction fee reductions, and increased network bandwidth. The transition to the new algorithm went smoothly, but in the last year was accompanied by massive indignation of the miners of the network, who even tried to strike in protest (unsuccessfully).

Those who were waiting for the rise in the price of ether were disappointed – against the backdrop of a general fall in the market and massive purchases of the coin in anticipation of growth, the price impulse did not take place. In addition, the staking debate continues in the Ethereum community and the outrage of validators is growing, anticipating the imminent unlocking of their ethers, which was postponed.. Despite all the vicissitudes, this event became significant for the industry, demonstrating the coherence of the work of developers and their capabilities, while raising many questions about the decentralization and environmental efficiency of blockchains.

Crash of FTX

In November, FTX, which until recently was among the top 3 crypto exchanges in the world and was valued at more than $30 billion, went bankrupt after the failure of negotiations with Binance and owed about $10 billion to about 100,000 creditors.. The bankruptcy of FTX was the largest collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange in history – larger than the bankruptcy of MtGox.

These events shocked the market and many investors, once again reminding everyone of the mantra “not your keys, not your money”, as well as the need to develop protective mechanisms to avoid similar events in the future.

Trends 2023

The events of the last year have added skepticism to the market, however, despite the prolonged crypto winter, it is worth remembering that spring always comes after winter, and if you get into new market trends, you can earn even in unstable times.

Eco trend: Carbon credit trading at IMPT

The goal of is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tokenize special certificates that help large companies and ordinary people reduce their carbon footprint.. According to the concept of the developers, will become a kind of intermediary between ordinary buyers and brands wishing to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Platform users who have purchased goods from affiliated companies will be able to receive cashback in the form of IMPT tokens to their account.. It will be possible to accumulate them, and then purchase carbon credits for them – carbon dioxide emission certificates in the amount of up to 1 ton. In addition, as bonuses, platform customers will be able to receive NFT paintings made in eco-themed by contemporary artists.

The IMPT project is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures the transparency of all transactions. Each carbon credit will be tokenized and converted into NFTs, which is also a common problem in this market – reuse.

The creators of the platform hope that their project will have a positive impact on the environment and help investors become more responsible consumers of resources.. Now IMPT tokens can be bought at the pre-sale at a price of $0.023. The total supply is limited to 3 billion coins.

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Features of

  • The project uses blockchain to protect the environment from the harmful effects of greenhouse gases.

  • Helps companies avoid fraud and double transactions with carbon credits.

  • has been supported by over 25,000 major companies. Brands such as Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix collaborate with the project.

Gaming trend: the emergence of Calvaria, a competitor to Axie Infinity

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new card-based crypto game in which gamers create their own decks of cards and fight against each other. Each card is a unique NFT character with their own abilities and skills. Players who win battles and tournaments will be able to receive RIA tokens, the project's own token.

The Calvaria team has developed a rich game universe with fantasy characters. According to the setting, the game takes place in the afterlife, where three clans of otherworldly creatures are at war with each other.. The player will have to join one of the communities and create his own invincible army of fighters. Now RIA tokens can be purchased as part of the presale at a price of $0.025.

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Features of Calvaria:

  • Game Availability. Calvaria will be playable on iOS and Android devices.

  • Free-to-play mode and low entry threshold. Those interested in the project can join Calvaria for free and receive a starter deck.

  • Staking. Calvaria offers staking pools for its RIA token, which gives players the opportunity to earn passive income from the game.

  • DAO. The developers of the game will transfer the management of the development of the project into the hands of gamers and investors who own RIA tokens.

Trading trend: Dash 2 Trade trading terminal

The creators of the Dash 2 Trade platform position their service as an analogue of the Bloomberg terminal and declare that it will provide traders with unique features and many innovations. The main goal of Dash 2 Trade is to simplify the trading process. To do this, the platform provides access to a wide range of tools.. For example, users will be able to monitor social sentiment around new tokens in order to more quickly recognize crypto assets with greater upside potential.

The project has its own D2T token, with which users can subscribe to the platform. Now investors have the opportunity to purchase a token at a low price as part of the pre-sale, in the future the tariff plan for access to a huge number of trading instruments can be paid only for the project’s own tokens.

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Dash 2 Trade Features:

  • The platform allows users to access analytics, trading signals, metrics and social trading tools.

  • Risk Profiler. A tool to help improve the decision-making process for deals.

  • Listing Alerts. This feature will allow traders to quickly access new listings of cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.

  • On-network analytics. Scans leading blockchains 24/7 for specific trends.

Metaverse trend: RobotEra is a new milestone in development

Fans of the popular game The Sandbox are in for something interesting in 2023. The authors of the famous blockchain sandbox decided to create another project – RobotEra. This new exciting metaverse is dedicated to the survival of futuristic robots on a distant planet.

In, players will be able to buy virtual lots in the metaverse, build various buildings or develop infrastructure on them using the resources provided by the platform, and then monetize them. In addition, you can create a variety of robot heroes or companion androids.. Also, users will be able to participate in concerts and various events that will take place in the metaverse.

RobotEra's own token – TARO. Users will be able to earn it on their land by mining, creating mini-games for other players, planting trees, selling NFTs, or even just advertising the project.. Now TARO can be purchased on presale for $0.025.

Features of RobotEra:

  • Limitless Possibilities. In RobotEra, players will be able to create absolutely any content. Developers encourage creativity and creative ideas of all users.

  • PvP mode. In addition to building in the game, you can fight for resources. At the same time, the main character does not participate in fights, but sends his companion robot to the battlefield.

  • The RobotEra Metaverse will be integrated with alternate worlds, and players will have access to museums, theme parks, concert halls, and more.

  • DAO. The Metaverse Is Not Governed by a Central Authority. The development of the project and its future will be monitored by all token holders – players and investors.

Decreased confidence in centralized financial services and constant losses from traditional markets may become an impetus for redirecting investments into the crypto-currency sector. The best way to save and increase your investments is not to make rash transactions, take into account the advantages and risks of crypto assets. Make investment decisions yourself by carefully studying the project before investing in it.