Every second Internet user wants to get into the metaverse – Capgemini

About 90% of Internet users are interested in the Metaverse, but only half of them would use the technology Over 90% of Internet users are interested in the potential of the Metaverse. This conclusion was made by the French consulting company Capgemini. Join our Telegram channel to keep abreast of the main crypto market trends According to the published report, 93% are interested in the metaverse. Another 3% are skeptical about the technology. The remaining 6% are already using existing concepts. Of the 93% interested, only 51% are ready to use the technology as it becomes available. Another 31% of respondents said they would try the metaverse if their inner circle used the technology. The remaining 11% would agree to use the metaverse, but in a different form. Source: Most interested in the metaverse in Canada (6.9% of respondents). South Korea is in second place (5.4%), while Japan (also 5.4%) closes the top three.. Russia is not included in the rating. By age group, people aged 26 to 41 are most interested in the metaverse. In second place are people under the age of 25. Least of all technology is interesting to people aged from 58 years, found out in Capgemini. The survey was conducted among 8,000 Internet users aged 18 and over. Metaobscurantism Note that in the Russian Federation they also tried to find out the opinion of citizens about the metauniverse. According to the pro-Kremlin think tank VTsIOM, about 37% of Russians believe that the creation of metaverses will do more harm than good.. At the same time, citizens aged 35-44 years (45% of respondents) are the greatest skeptics regarding the concept of metauniverses. Read also: The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has proposed “cyber squads” to combat virtual reality. It is worth noting that these same people, according to the results of the survey, turned out to be active consumers of the Internet.. Another 11% are afraid that the metaverses will deprive people of live communication, and 9% are completely afraid of degradation due to virtual worlds. Read the latest cryptocurrency news on the BeInCrypto portal and join the discussion in our Telegram channel. The reader is solely responsible for any actions taken by him on the basis of information received on our website.