BitKeep Wallet Lost $8 Million in Crypto Assets Due to Exploit

Analyst firm PeckShield reported that BitKeep, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, suffered from an exploit that resulted in the attackers stealing about $8 million worth of crypto assets. According to PeckShield analysts, the hacker stole 4,373 BNB, 5.4 million USDT, 196,000 DAI and 1,233.21 ETH. The attackers moved most of the funds to the BNB network, so the platform has already turned to the Binance exchange with a request to freeze the stolen assets as soon as possible.. BitKeep management promised users to return the stolen funds if, during the investigation, it turns out that the exploit was the fault of BitKeep. BitKeep security experts have suggested that the attack could have been orchestrated through a hacked APK version of the BitKeep wallet, which some users downloaded.. Therefore, the team urged customers to use only the official version of the wallet downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.. In addition, the BitKeep team asked the community to use the new wallet addresses, as the previous ones may have already been leaked to hackers. This is not the first hack that hit the BitKeep service in recent months.. In October, a similar incident occurred to him, which led to the loss of $ 1 million in crypto assets.. Then the developers promised to fully compensate the affected users. In addition to BitKeep, users of many cryptocurrency platforms became victims of exploits this year. In early December, attackers hacked the Ankr DeFi protocol, issuing 20 trillion aBNBc tokens, but the Binance exchange managed to freeze crypto assets worth about $3 million received by hackers.