Doja Cat’s Twitter Account Hacked to Shill Solana Meme Coin

Doja Cat, an American rapper and singer, recently fell victim to a hacking incident on her Twitter account that was used to promote a meme coin based on the Solana blockchain. With a following of 24 million on Instagram, Doja Cat quickly took to the platform to clarify that she was not responsible for the tweets that appeared on her compromised Twitter account.

The hacking began at 7:15 pm ET on Monday, with the initial post directing users to a holding address and urging them to “buy $DOJA or else.” The hacker proceeded to make over two dozen posts, removing Doja Cat’s profile picture and description in the process. Despite her account having 5.6 million followers, Twitter users were swift in recognizing that the tweets were a result of a compromised account.

Interestingly, the hacker also mentioned other celebrities, including Iggy Azalea, who frequently tweets about her own meme coin called $MOTHER. Azalea, defending her friendship with Doja Cat, shared her disappointment with the hackers’ actions in a tweet.

Compared to previous incidents involving hacked celebrity accounts, the activity surrounding the new $DOJA token on Solana’s Raydium market maker seems relatively subdued. With just under 15,000 transactions and approximately $2.2 million in volume, it appears to have garnered less attention.

This unfortunate event adds to a series of similar incidents involving high-profile individuals and their social media accounts being compromised to promote meme coins on the Solana blockchain. In recent months, both Hulk Hogan and rapper 50 Cent experienced similar compromises, followed by Metallica’s Twitter account a week later.