Elizabeth Warren Vows to Create an “Anti-Crypto Army” to Combat Irresponsible Crypto Companies

The senator has revealed her plans for the upcoming election campaign, which will focus on addressing the issues surrounding cryptocurrency companies and forming a strong coalition of opponents against crypto assets.

Elizabeth Warren has shared her campaign thesis, expressing her long-standing opposition to cryptocurrencies and blaming the current turmoil in the digital asset market on the lack of regulation and irresponsible actions of crypto companies.

The US senator is of the opinion that her voters will continue to suffer financial losses until various government agencies change their policies and prioritize the protection of investor safety.

If Warren is elected to the Senate, she promises to put in every effort to create an “anti-crypto army” that will tackle negative developments in the crypto industry and compel regulators to tighten control of the industry using every tool at their disposal. However, her views have received widespread criticism on social media.

A Twitter user named D.P. | Think Big stated that “Senator Warren’s anti-crypto stance is getting us nowhere,” while Josh Maxson believes that her stance is reflective of a “corrupt banker” protecting the interests of the government.

Last week, Warren and another colleague called on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to take urgent action against the “dummy audit” of crypto firms, which not only misleads investors but also undermines the integrity of the audit system.

Earlier, Elizabeth Warren announced her plans to introduce an expanded bill aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency ecosystem and curbing money laundering.

This bill will have a significant impact on the activities of virtual asset service providers (VASPs), cryptocurrency wallet operators, miners, and validators.