Worldcoin Resumes Operations in Kenya After Probe Closure

Worldcoin, the controversial crypto project, is set to resume operations in Kenya after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) closed its investigation into the company. The DCI director, Hillary Mutai, confirmed that the department had thoroughly examined various allegations against Worldcoin, including claims of illegal gathering and transfer of personal data. Following an impartial assessment by the Director of Public Prosecutions, it was determined that there was no wrongdoing, leading to the closure of the investigation. Worldcoin must now register with Kenya’s Registrar of Business Registry, obtain necessary licenses, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. The company’s iris scan program, offering digital IDs and its cryptocurrency token, WLD, had gained popularity before facing regulatory scrutiny. The clearance by the DCI and the Director of Public Prosecutions is seen as a significant achievement and establishes a precedent for crypto projects in Kenya. With proper registration and licensing, Worldcoin can now focus on resuming its operations and expanding its digital ID system.