Axie Infinity launches the Axie Bounty Aid

Axie Infinity is stepping up to assist players who are struggling to complete more than three tasks on the bounty board due to a shortage of fortune slips. The new initiative, called Axie Bounty Aid, will offer players the opportunity to win a prayer delegation along with 100 Fortune Slips. The program will select 20 players each week to receive the rewards.

To participate in the Axie Bounty Aid program, players must complete three daily bounties, which include winning a Classic battle, activating Aia, and emerging victorious in an Origins battle. After completing these tasks, players need to share their progress on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), mentioning their Ronin address, tagging @AxieInfinity, and using the hashtag #BountyAid.

The initial prize, the Prayer Delegation, will last for one week. However, players who consistently participate and maintain a streak have the chance to extend their Prayer Delegation for up to a month. This new initiative aims to support and incentivize players to actively engage in the Axie Infinity ecosystem while addressing the issue of limited fortune slips.

Axie Infinity continues to innovate and offer exciting opportunities for its player community to earn rewards and enhance their gameplay experience.