Bitcoin Approaching Post-Halving Parabolic Advance Phase, According to Real Vision Analyst

Bitcoin is entering a phase of potentially significant growth, according to Real Vision macro expert Julien Bittel. Bittel believes that Bitcoin’s current price action is following a pattern seen in previous halving events, with a pump leading up to the halving, followed by a correction, sideways trading, and eventually a rise in prices. Bittel refers to this phase as the “boring zone” before the “banana zone,” where Bitcoin experiences a significant rally. Looking at his chart, Bittel predicts that Bitcoin could reach $240,000 by May 2025. Meanwhile, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal suggests that Solana, a competitor to Ethereum, may have formed a market bottom. Pal highlights a bullish converging trendline pattern on Solana’s yearly chart and suggests that now could be a good entry zone for investors. Bitcoin is currently trading at $64,876, while Solana is trading at $136.