Donald Trump and Son Barron Are Not Involved in DJT Solana Meme Coin, Says Roger Stone

Donald Trump’s close ally and former political consultant, Roger Stone, has confirmed that neither the 45th U.S president nor his son, Barron, were involved in the DJT Solana meme coin. This clarification comes after rumors circulated that the coin was Trump’s official meme coin. Despite the speculation and hype, it was eventually revealed that Martin Shrekli, not Trump, created the token, although he claimed to have collaborated with Barron Trump. Stone took to Twitter to dispel these claims and stated that Trump and Barron were not involved in any way with DJT. This declaration from Stone came shortly after Shrekli had claimed that Barron was indeed involved. It is unclear how this will affect the recent bet Shrekli made regarding DJT’s ties to the Trump family. Since Stone’s tweet, the coin’s value has seen an increase, currently sitting at a market cap of $175 million.