In Russia, the first guilty verdict was handed down to a participant in P2P cryptocurrency trading

The Russian was sentenced to two years probation for “conspiracy with an unknown attacker” to whom the defendant sold a ruble code on the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange.

According to a representative of the legal agency Cartesius, the convicted trader sold a code worth 900,000 rubles through the P2P service of the Russian exchange Garantex. However, after the funds were credited to the card, her account was arrested in a criminal case of fraud initiated on the basis of an appeal from a certain victim.

When the trader applied to the district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to appeal against the arrest of his bank account, the trader was detained. According to Cartesius, the investigators put pressure on the detainee, insisting that he was in collusion with scammers.. According to the logic of the investigation, the funds received on the trader’s bank card under the transaction are the final phase of the crime, and the interest received is a criminal reward. The accusation centered around the allegation that the trader “allowed the possibility of getting dirty money by selling codes.”

As a result, the trader pleaded guilty, most likely making a deal with the investigators.. The court found intent in the actions of the trader and an agreement reached in advance with the scammers, as well as the concealment of criminally obtained money. The defendant was found guilty of large-scale fraud (Part 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), receiving a suspended sentence of two years in prison.

Earlier, a resident of Maykop lost 1 million rubles, which he was deprived of when trying to make money on cryptocurrencies. The victim arranged five loans by contacting unknown “investment advisors” who disappeared after promising easy money on an unnamed trading platform.