Oasys and Edia team up to bring retro gaming to Web3

Oasys, a blockchain platform tailored for gaming, has announced a new collaboration with Edia Corporation, the owner of 139 retro game intellectual properties (IPs). This partnership aims to bring the world of classic gaming to the Web3 era by utilizing blockchain technology.

By leveraging Edia’s extensive retro game catalog, the collaboration will create new blockchain-based games using Oasys’ infrastructure. This means that all the beloved retro games in Edia’s portfolio will be reimagined for the Web3 environment, giving players a nostalgic yet innovative gaming experience.

Edia will take charge of public relations and marketing efforts to promote blockchain-based retro gaming and showcase the potential of Web3 in revitalizing classic titles. This partnership will reintroduce iconic ’80s and ’90s games to modern audiences who are interested in blockchain technology.

One notable game that will be revamped for the blockchain gaming scene is Gaiares, a popular horizontal-scrolling shooter originally released in 1990. Additionally, several other cult classics from different regions worldwide will also receive a makeover for the blockchain gaming community.

The recent IVS Crypto 2024 event in Kyoto showcased the potential of blockchain gaming. The conference focused on blockchain technology, Web3, artificial intelligence (AI), and had numerous side events with over 12,000 participants. During the event, Oasys’ leaders discussed the increasing demand for Web3 in Japan and emphasized Oasys’ role in game development and the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

The Japanese government representative, Masaaki Taira, expressed strong governmental support for blockchain initiatives and acknowledged the potential of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in promoting Japan’s cultural assets. The government is also simplifying taxation to foster Web3 growth, encouraging collaborations between startups, and positioning Japan as a global leader in blockchain gaming.