Ripple CEO Says It is Strange Market Has Not Rewarded XRP

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his surprise and disappointment that the market has not rewarded XRP for its unique position in the crypto industry. During an interview at the XRP Ledger Apex conference, Garlinghouse highlighted that XRP is the only cryptocurrency in the U.S. with regulatory clarity, as it has been ruled by District Judge Analisa Torres that XRP is not a security. In contrast, Ethereum’s status remains uncertain, with the U.S. SEC sending pre-warnings to its founders about a potential lawsuit. Despite XRP’s regulatory advantage, its value in the market has not reflected this, leading Garlinghouse to say, “I think it’s strange that XRP is in such a unique position, and the market hasn’t kind of rewarded that.” XRP’s underperformance in the market is evident, with its price trading at $0.478, showing a flattened cumulative one-year gain. Despite prominent U.S. exchanges relisting XRP and investment products reinstating it, XRP has declined instead of following the broader crypto market’s bullish trend. An investigation earlier this year revealed that XRP’s price stagnation is due to a lack of demand, not Ripple’s routine sales.