Telegram Coin Notcoin (NOT) Rises 70% in Three Days, Shattering Bearish Cues

Telegram Coin Notcoin (NOT) has experienced a remarkable surge of 70% in just three days, defying bearish expectations and shifting investor sentiment towards the positive. This rise in price has been accompanied by an increase in buying pressure, as indicated by the altcoin’s elevated Relative Strength Index (RSI). Furthermore, the funding rate for Notcoin has turned positive, suggesting a more optimistic outlook among investors. As a result, many are now betting on potential gains, which could further drive up the coin’s price. In terms of price prediction, Notcoin has already recovered the losses it suffered in June and is now targeting a breach of the resistance at $0.0179, with a potential target of $0.0211. However, failure to breach this resistance level could lead to a drawdown to $0.0130, potentially invalidating the bullish thesis and sending NOT below $0.0100. Overall, Notcoin’s recent performance has defied expectations and sparked renewed optimism among investors.