Hackers Hacked the Base of Chinese Electric Car Manufacturer NIO and Demand BTC Ransom

Chinese firm NIO claims database has been hacked Unidentified people stole information about customers and sales of an auto brandNow they demand a ransom of $ 2.25 million in BTCThe concern refuses to make concessions to extortionistsThis week, Chinese electric car startup NIO said that its database was hacked. The company received a notice demanding to pay $2.25 million in BTC for the return of stolen information. The letter arrived on the corporate email on December 11. The company said it would not negotiate with the blackmailers, instead notifying law enforcement. Apparently, the hackers stole the sales reports of the auto group, as well as the customer base until August 2021. NIO noted that they take responsibility in advance for any possible damage to buyers. “In the near future, we plan to review our technical capabilities in the direction of improving security. It is extremely important for us to protect the interests of customers, ”the company said in a statement. So far, there is not even preliminary data on who could hack the NIO database. It is noteworthy that last week the brand presented its line of cars as part of an auto show in Europe. In particular, the manufacturer “brought to light” the concept of his supercar. The EP9 model was specially designed for the auto show to highlight NIO's commitment to creating eco-cars of various classes. Probably, it was because of this that the hackers targeted the concern. This is not the first case of such extortion.. The most famous example would probably be the Colonial Pipeline database hack in the US.. By the way, the company had to pay blackmailers. November of this year became a real “record holder” in terms of damage from hacks. And in general, in 2022, the activity of hackers has increased significantly.