Neo hosting X Spaces focusing on AI and Web3, July 12

Neo hosting X Spaces focusing on AI and Web3, July 12

Neo Global Development is organizing a cutting-edge event called X Spaces, which delves into the realm of AI applications in Web3. With a line-up of distinguished panelists, including representatives from projects building on the Neo X EVM sidechain as well as experts from outside the ecosystem, this session promises to be enlightening. The forum will be moderated by Carolyn, a seasoned business development manager at NGD, and will be recorded for future reference. The discussion is scheduled to commence at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, July 12. The esteemed guests who will be joining the panel are as follows:

  • Nick Havryliak, the visionary co-founder and CEO of Assisterr
  • Cedar, the ecosystem builder at DSC
  • Mahmoud Farouk, the accomplished COO of TrendX
  • Oz, the esteemed community lead at GaiaNet

Expand your horizons by participating in our Neo Eco-talk Space, where we explore innovative AI applications in Web3!
Esteemed experts in the field will illuminate the potential of the intersection between AI and Web3 and discuss novel ideas and opportunities.@assisterr @TrendX_official @dsc_lab @Gaianet_AI

⏰ 10 am – 11 am , Jul 12

— Neo Smart Economy (@Neo_Blockchain) July 9, 2024

Hailing from the University of Cambridge, Assisterr is a cutting-edge startup at the forefront of developing a network of community-owned small language models. Their aim is to foster collaboration and harness expertise in specific subjects by creating, deploying, and monetizing SLMs. Recently, Assisterr claimed victory in two categories at BeWater’s AI Crypto Hackathon, securing the prestigious Neo Bounty and clinching first prize in the Tokenized AI and Incentives track.

DSC is laser-focused on democratizing access to advanced computing services by offering scalable, secure, and cost-effective AI computer power. The organization strives to expedite AI research and development by utilizing underutilized computing resources. In an effort to strengthen their mission, DSC has partnered with eminent companies such as Nvidia, AMD, MetaMask, and BNB Chain.

TrendX is a Web3 investment platform that serves as a comprehensive information hub for over 22,000 projects across various blockchain networks. Offering insights on token trends, social media hot topics, key opinion leaders, and research articles, this platform is designed to empower users in the world of Web3.

GaiaNet, on the other hand, is an ingenious decentralized computing infrastructure that empowers users to create, deploy, scale, and monetize personal AI agents. With web-based chatbot UIs and OpenAI-compatible APIs, GaiaNet offers a viable alternative to OpenAI, the current standard for most AI agents. GaiaNet nodes can be customized with finely-tuned models bolstered by domain knowledge. For example, a financial analyst agent could leverage SQL query codes to scour through SEC 10k filings and provide users with relevant answers to their queries.

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