Tesla is Tops In ‘Real-World AI’, Elon Musk Declares

Tesla CEO Elon Musk proudly declared that his company is leading the way in “real-world AI” during a presentation and Q&A session following a shareholder meeting. Musk emphasized Tesla’s advancements in AI hardware and chip design, stating that their in-house work surpasses any alternatives. He boasted about Tesla’s AI software and inference chip, claiming that they have the best technology in the world. Musk also highlighted Tesla’s internal software, stating that it is superior to any other Fortune 500 company. He positioned Tesla as a leader in real-world AI, ahead of companies like Google, Meta, and OpenAI. Musk also discussed Tesla’s work in robotics and mentioned their Optimus humanoid robots, which are already being deployed in Tesla factories and offices. He predicted a bright future for humanoid robotics, estimating the market cap of Optimus to be $25 trillion.