Bitcoin dips to $60k as Solciety’s presale rakes in $400k in a week

Bitcoin experiences a sharp decline, dropping below $59k on Monday, largely due to Mt. Gox’s repayment plans. In contrast, Solciety’s 30-day presale is off to a strong start, raising $400k in just one week.

While the overall cryptocurrency market is currently in the red, there are still promising projects emerging. Solciety, a meme coin focused on becoming a leader in the PolitiFi meme ecosystem, is one such project investors should keep an eye on.

Solciety aims to be the first political party of “degens” and is pegged to the real-world currency of attention. The project’s development plans include the Meme Campaigner tool, allowing users to create their own meme coins and earn points for sharing memes on Twitter. The funds raised from the presale will go towards developing new tools, such as Solciety’s Augmented Reality tool and AI capabilities.

In just one week, Solciety has already raised an impressive $400k in its presale, reaching nearly $400k. Early investors have enjoyed discounted prices, with the token’s price increasing every 72 hours, offering potential gains for early adopters.

Launching on the Solana blockchain, Solciety leverages the network’s features to provide unique utilities to its users. With the growing popularity of meme coins and the upcoming elections in various countries, Solciety’s SLCTY token has the potential for significant growth and adoption.

Overall, Solciety presents an intriguing opportunity for investors looking to participate in the booming PolitiFi meme ecosystem and capitalize on the popularity of meme coins within the crypto community.