Expert Says Shiba Inu Will Make You Money, Projects Timeline for SHIB Peak

Crypto educator Rafaela Rigo has identified Shiba Inu as a lucrative coin to invest in during this bull market. Rigo believes that SHIB, along with other listed assets like Dogecoin, Hedera, and Near Protocol, could reach their peak by February 25th. Many members of the crypto community share Rigo’s confidence in Shiba Inu’s potential for profitability. Despite multiple price corrections since its yearly peak in March, investors who bought SHIB when it had five leading zeros in February have still enjoyed significant profits. Rigo did not provide a specific target for SHIB enthusiasts to look out for by February 2025, but chart analysis suggests a more ambitious threshold of $0.00004988. This implies that accumulating SHIB now, at around $0.00002165, could lead to profits in the coming weeks. Analyst SHIB Knight also believes that Shiba Inu is in a buying zone based on weekly candle patterns, even predicting a potential drop to $0.00001859. While this decline may impact current holders who bought at higher prices, market watchers believe that purchasing at the projected bottom values would ultimately be a wise decision.