Here’s How Ethereum Could Skyrocket by up to 4,225%, According to VanEck’s Matthew Sigel

The head of digital assets research at VanEck, Matthew Sigel, has suggested that Ethereum (ETH) could skyrocket by up to 4,225%, reaching a price of $154,000. This bullish outlook is based on the assumption that Ethereum’s market share will increase significantly. Sigel explains that if Ethereum captures 90% of all smart contract value intermediation, it would account for 15% of the total financial markets, 50% of the advertising market on open-source blockchains, and between 20% to 25% of IT infrastructure and AI going through open-source blockchain.

However, Sigel also notes that the global macroeconomic conditions and regulatory environment will play a crucial role in determining whether Ethereum can achieve such a high price point. He suggests that if emerging markets perform well and the US dollar weakens, combined with favorable regulatory policies, Ethereum could capture a significant portion of value.

VanEck’s report sets a base case target for Ethereum at $22,000, representing a potential gain of 518% from its current level. To reach the bull case target of $154,000, Ethereum would need to appreciate by 4,225%. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $3,560.

It is important to note that these predictions are speculative and should be taken with caution. Investment decisions should be made based on thorough research and analysis of the market.