Legendary Trader Warns: Bitcoin Could Plunge Below $50,000 If These Key Levels Break

Renowned trader Peter Brandt has recently provided insights on the potential market movements of Bitcoin, warning that it could drop below $50,000 if key levels are broken. Brandt’s analysis suggests that if Bitcoin breaks the $65,000 threshold, it could trigger a further drop to around $60,000, potentially even dipping as low as $48,000. Despite this somewhat grim short-term outlook, Brandt identifies a silver lining with the potential for a substantial recovery. He refers to this as the “pump” phase following the “dump”. Brandt believes that these cycles are common features of bull markets and play a crucial role in distinguishing between novice traders and experienced investors.

Meanwhile, financial institutions like JPMorgan have expressed caution regarding market dynamics and Bitcoin’s valuation. JPMorgan has highlighted concerns regarding the overestimation of demand for Bitcoin ETFs. Their analysis suggests that much of the recent inflow into Bitcoin ETFs does not represent new capital, but rather a rotation from traditional cryptocurrency exchange wallets to “more regulated and seemingly secure” ETFs. JPMorgan estimates that actual net flows into Bitcoin ETFs since January stand at about $12 billion, challenging the bullish narrative of massive institutional demand.