SBI Digital Markets Appoints Jai Yung Byun as Chief Advisor

SBI Digital Markets, a crypto firm under SBI Holdings, has announced the appointment of Jai Yung Byun as Chief Advisor, marking a strategic move towards expanding the platform’s presence in Korea. Byun, who brings a wealth of experience to the table, will play a crucial role in strengthening the firm’s governance and regulatory compliance standards, ensuring the protection of investors’ interests. With Byun’s expertise and extensive background in various positions at the Bank of Korea, including the Head of the International Finance Policy Planning Team, SBI Digital Markets aims to establish itself as a leading crypto company in South Korea. This appointment comes at a pivotal time as South Korea prepares to implement new crypto regulations, and SBI Digital Markets is positioning itself to navigate these changes successfully. This news highlights SBI Digital Markets’ commitment to expansion and upholding strong regulatory and governance frameworks.