Web3 security firm identifies activity similar to Kraken breach on OKX, BingX, and Binance

Web3 security firm Hexagate has identified on-chain activity similar to the recent Kraken breach on other exchange platforms, including OKX, BingX,, and Binance. The firm detected this activity across various chains, including Base, BNBChain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, LineaBuild, and Polygon. However, Hexagate has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that these exchanges have been impacted by the breach.

CertiK, a security-focused ranking platform, recently revealed that it was the “white-hat” hacker behind the $3 million Kraken hack. The exchange is treating the incident as a criminal exploit, and law enforcement is working to recover the stolen funds. CertiK claims to have faced “extortion” from Kraken and defended its actions on social media.

Hexagate has shared on-chain proof of the activity it detected on the mentioned exchange platforms, although it has not provided evidence of actual impact. The firm’s findings date back to May 17.

While some criticized Hexagate for sharing this information on social media, the firm defended itself by stating that the incident was already publicly known and that it waited over a day to share the information, with no intention of causing harm to funds.

No official comments have been received from OKX, BingX, and regarding the identified activity at the time of publishing.