Xai, Immutable, and Pixels Among July’s Biggest Ethereum Gaming Token Unlocks

Xai, Immutable, and Pixels are among the biggest Ethereum gaming tokens that will be unlocked in July.

According to data from TokenUnlocks, over $148 million worth of crypto gaming tokens will be unlocked and can enter the market throughout the month. All of the projects mentioned have launched their tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Typically, crypto projects lock up a significant amount of their token supply at launch, which gradually unlocks over time for collaborators, community rewards, and investors. Some tokens are released in bulk at once (cliff unlock), while others are released gradually over a specific period (linear unlock).

The largest token unlock of the month comes from Xai, an Ethereum layer-3 gaming network. They will release 198.4 million XAI tokens ($60.76 million) in a cliff unlock on July 9. The majority of these tokens will be allocated to investors and the team.

The Ronin network will have a linear unlock, releasing 404,290 RON tokens ($671,000) every day for 92 days starting on July 27, resulting in a total release of over $5 million. Gala Games will unlock 2.14 million GALA ($44,800) daily for a year, totaling $639,910 by the end of July.

Immutable will have a cliff unlock on July 12, releasing 32.47 million IMX tokens ($38.32 million) for project and ecosystem development. Pixels, a Ronin farming game, will have a cliff unlock on July 19 for 54.38 million PIXEL tokens ($10.19 million), accounting for 7.05% of its circulating supply.

ApeCoin, tied to the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem and Otherside metaverse game, will release 15.6 million APE tokens ($10.89 million) on July 17, representing 2.31% of its circulating supply.

Lastly, Parallel will unlock 750,000 PRIME tokens ($5.54 million) at the end of the month for investors in their Ethereum NFT card-battler studio.

Overall, July will see significant token unlocks in the Ethereum gaming space, providing opportunities for trading and participation in these projects.