BingX Launches Futures Trading Tool Signal Trading

Singapore-based cryptocurrency social trading platform BingX introduces signal trading implemented through the Signal Trading futures trading tool. Signal trading is an advanced feature that automatically executes complex trading strategies in the futures market.. For example, when pre-defined trigger signals come from external platforms such as TradingView. The feature works for all perpetual futures available on the BingX platform and does not require an API connection. After creating trading instructions on BingX, traders need to update instructions on external platforms. Then a free TradingView Bot will be created, which will synchronize signals in real time, causing automatic execution of given trading instructions at the right time. This move is in line with the company's strategy to be an open, trusted and innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem. “The BingX mission is to open the world of cryptocurrencies to a billion users. And we honestly deliver on what we promise,” said Elvisco Carrington, director of PR and communications at BingX.. “BingX sees the big picture and is committed to helping both professional and novice traders through continuous technical innovation.. At the beginning of this year, we came up with a lot of user-friendly products. We continue to simplify the trading process so that our users can apply new trading tactics to maximize their income. BingX is looking forward to the launch of new features and products in MT5 that will benefit our clients and enhance the trading experience in the coming year.” Trading on signals is free and open to all BingX users in unlimited volume. The tool is more suitable for traders with experience in quantitative trading. BingX solved the problems on the execution side with technical innovations so that users can perform quantitative transactions more easily and efficiently. In addition to trading on signals, BingX has introduced other new tools as part of the latest update.. The BingX futures grid now supports long, short, and neutral positions for bull, bear, and fluctuating markets respectively. This allows traders to leverage up to 20x to maximize their profits regardless of price fluctuations in global cryptocurrency markets. In addition, at the end of December, BingX integrated the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to provide traders with more options.. MetaTrader 5, also known as MT5, is a trading platform that provides advanced analysis tools for quantitative trading. BingX Collaboration Brings Innovative Cryptocurrency and Perpetual Futures Trading Tools to MT5. Orders placed on MT5 will be updated in the BingX order book. Users can expect safe and stable trading of cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH with advanced analysis tools.