Shiba Inu Mentions Altcoin That Could Reshape SHIB Universe

Shiba Inu recently highlighted an altcoin called Kendu Inu (KENDU) that has the potential to reshape the SHIB universe. The Shiba Inu ecosystem team discussed Kendu Inu in their 27th edition of the weekly magazine, emphasizing its unique approach to tokenomics and community building. Unlike other tokens within the ecosystem that focus on burning SHIB and BONE, Kendu Inu prioritizes developing a strong brand and a devoted following before taking on additional responsibilities. Led by pseudonymous founder Kendu Miazaki, the Kendu team believes that gaining traction and recognition for the brand is essential for adoption and use. As of the magazine’s release, Kendu already had 6,000 followers, which has since grown to over 10,043. By utilizing a brand-first strategy, Kendu Inu aims to contribute to the growth of the Shibarium ecosystem and ultimately reach a billion-dollar market cap. Currently, KENDU has a market cap of $203.61 million and is listed on prominent crypto exchanges such as LBank, BitMart, and Poloniex. Although the token’s price has experienced a decline, its potential for success and influence within the SHIB universe remains high.