VeChain News: VeDelegate Rewards 411 Stakers with 160,000 B3TR Tokens in First VeBetterDAO Distribution

VeChain News: VeDelegate Rewards 411 Stakers with 160,000 B3TR Tokens in First VeBetterDAO Distribution

VeDelegate, a delegation service for the VeChain B3TR ecosystem, has recently distributed its first round of rewards to stakers participating in the VeBetterDAO voting. This distribution saw 160,000 B3TR tokens being issued to a total of 411 stakers. These stakers had collectively pooled over 63,000 B3TR tokens, resulting in an average tripling of their tokens through this distribution.

Since the rewards were distributed, over 100 new users have joined the service to take advantage of the significant rewards being offered. As a result, veDelegate now boasts a total of 525 stakers, and its assets under management have reached 231,000 VOT3 tokens.

One of the reasons why veDelegate stands out among other staking providers in the VeChain space is its user-friendly interface and automation features. The service aims to improve the voting experience for users, making it more appealing for less active users to hold and invest in B3TR tokens.

In addition to the distribution of rewards, veDelegate has also introduced a new feature on its platform. Users can now see their projected estimated voting rewards for the current voting round, enhancing transparency and providing users with valuable information.

The VeChain ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, with staking VOT3 tokens being just one of several new features. VeChain recently secured a patent for an automated inventory container system, aimed at streamlining manual processes and reducing inaccuracies. Furthermore, VeChain’s sustainability efforts have been a major success, with the network offering various platforms and solutions to incentivize users to engage in sustainable actions.

VeChain’s native cryptocurrency, VET, has also experienced significant growth recently. It gained 11% in the past 24 hours, making it the third-highest gainer among the top 50 coins. Additionally, its trading volume increased by 10%, bucking the trend of a decrease in overall market trading volume.

Overall, VeChain and veDelegate continue to make strides in creating a decentralized ecosystem that rewards users for their participation and promotes sustainability.